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  • “This was my first time ever attending a Dying to Live Summit and I must say it was AMAZING!!! I learned so much from the speakers who came out and was just thirsty for more.”Desirae - D2L Summit 2013

  • “This whole experience was remarkable… it’s a place for people who just need something from God. If you’re thinking about coming to the Dying to Live conference you should because there’s a change here.”Sylvania - D2L Summit 2012

  • “Absolutely incredible… touched my life. And allowed me to see what I needed to change in me in order to be more like Jesus.”Wesley – D2L Summit 2011

  • “The word is so powerful… there is deliverance, there is so much power. The Holy Ghost came and He showed out. So, many people were delivered and saved. This is one of the best conferences that I came to.”Olivia – D2L Summit 2012

  • “It opened up deep levels in me where I need to grow… I’m ready to go into a deeper level with God.”James – D2L Summit 2011

  • “The Dying to Live summit was truly amazing. The whole topic with the Aftermath… I’ve been in a place in my life were I felt like I was dealing with the Aftermath and they really brought a good word and tips to help me recover and rebuild myself.”Dalia – D2L Summit 2011


D2L Summit 2014: When?
Thursday October 30, 2014 & Friday October 31, 2014
D2L Summit 2014: Where?
PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY- Memorial Student Center (MSC) – Ballroom 2nd Floor- 100 University Dr, Prairie View, TX 77446
D2L Summit 2014: What?
Life Changing Workshops, Cash Prize Talent Show, Great Music, Great Speakers, Food & It’s all FREE
D2L Summit 2014: Why?
Our hope is to cultivate an environment where millennials are encouraged, empowered and emboldened to surrender their life to Christ and confidently operate in their God-given purpose.